Allegra offers small to medium sized businesses and organization a world of enhanced and expanded capabilities designed to solve your ever-changing print and marketing requirements. We’ve made a substantial investment in technology and training to become the “total solutions provider” for all your print and digital communications projects. We strongly believe our commitment to service, quality and measurable results marks the future of print and marketing. In fact, we’ve chosen our name – a derivation of “allegro,” a musical term for picking up the tempo – to reflect the highly responsive way we work with our customers. If you know us, then you know of our commitment. If we’re new to you, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can serve you. The possibilities will amaze you!

A Passion for What You Do.

We’re passionate about business. Not just ours, but yours, too. Especially yours. Let’s face it; we’re not successful unless you are. That’s why we understand that the ability to effectively communicate with your customers or members is critical to your growth and success.

We also understand how difficult it can be to cut through the clutter and can recommend ways to get your message heard. That’s why we want to get to know your business better.

We Like to be “Know-sy.”

We’re not shy about asking questions. We ask about you, your business, your competitors and your customers. But we don’t just talk, we also listen. Then we put it all together, learning about your business and your customers from the inside and out. We’re also doers as well as thinkers. We think about your marketing goals, help you define them, and then recommend the best ways to achieve them.

Partnering for Results.

Every day, companies and organizations in your neighborhood choose Allegra to help them solve their marketing and print communications challenges. They base their decisions, in part, on our ability to consistently create and deliver high-quality materials for their special projects or campaigns. For marketing strategy, graphic design, printing, signs, mailing, websites and more, we’re a one-stop resource for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow.

With Allegra on your team, you have a knowledgeable communications partner who understands what you need and how to get results. We create marketing, training and presentation materials that build your brand.

We’re in All the Right Places.

Allegra is locally owned and operated, so we live, work and play in the same neighbourhoods and communities as you. It’s our community involvement that helps us truly understand your customers and the environment in which you do business. And in the end, it’s just another great reason to choose us as your communications partner.

Take a look at what our clients are saying about us!

What People Say...

I just want to say thank you for the amazing customer service I received on Friday!!!!!!!!!! I can always count on your team to get the last minute rush jobs done for me! Truly Impressed!

Amy, Anipet