Paper Made From Oranges!

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It’s amazing how many different choices there are for sustainable paper products!

At Allegra, we help many of our customers get a leading edge in the market place by working new angles to make an impression, just above the “norm”.

We left the meeting with lots of information and angles to “chew on” in as far as target markets, the messages and marketing channels go.
Andrew, Greenquarter Consulting

Paper is one of those things that we use everyday and don’t give much thought to.

Paper dates back as far as the Han Dynasty in ancient China and we rely on it now more than ever. Most of the paper we use now is made from trees. Now that our culture is working hard to be “green”, people are coming up with new ways to make paper with less environmental impact. There is paper made from hemp, cotton, recycled paper and oranges…

Yes, I said oranges… Now that’s out-of-the-box thinking!

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