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Unlocking The Marketing Potential Of Your Website 2016 Hot

In this this three part series, I will explain how a modern website should be used as a marketing tool to generate new business for you. The idea of using your website as a marketing tool goes well beyond the design, and covers its potential to draw new traffic, engage and retain it, and convert it to potential clients for your business. The ideas are simple, the data is trackable, and they can be implemented on any website. The difference between a good website and a successful one is the difference between how it looks and how it actually functions to grow your business. Anyone who is interested in using their website as more than just a digital sales brochure should read on!

I am starting this series with a few key terms essential to any website marketing plan. The concepts are easy to understand. They should be defined for your website and tracked with Google Analytics so you can measure their performance. Landing Pages, Funnels, and Conversions all work together to bring in new visitors and convert them to potential customers. In Part 2, I explain how to use Content Experiments, the free Google Analytics tool for A/B Split Testing, to optimize your landing pages, funnels and conversions. In Part 3, I discuss optimization strategies for your digital advertising, along with their integration into your optimized website.

This PDF has an exclusive and invaluable discussion of the primary strategies for Google Adwords optimization as an example of optimizing digital advertising integrated with your website and conversion goals.


Is it time to upgrade your website for mobile traffic? Hot

You may have already been approached by a website developer or marketing company, urging you to upgrade your website for mobile traffic. With so many marketing options and expenses, it might be difficult to decide which ones are highest priority today. If you’re like most small to medium size businesses, marketing budgets are tight, and we tend to spend only what is necessary to keep up with our direct competition. While there are loads of articles on the internet with statistics showing the general growth of mobile internet usage, how do you know if it is relevant for your business?

Easy Street Mail Sheet Hot

Target the Most Valuable Areas Quickly and Cost-effectively

No Lists. No Hassles. Just Results.

Now offered through Allegra, Unaddressed AdmailTM service from the Canada Post lets you reach every home and business within a selected area – without names and addresses – easily and cost-effectively.


Breaking Through The Noise Hot

How direct mail combines the intimacy of ritual, the impact of physicality and the power of data-driven relevance to send a signal that resonates.


Whether yours is a brand new business or one that’s well established, marketing today is perhaps more important than ever.

After no or slow growth in recent quarters, many small and mid-sized businesses are seeing substantial gains, according to Sageworks, a financial information company. These include building finishes contractors (15%), real estate agents (14.6%), architectural and engineering firms (14.2%), computer services providers (13.4%) and specialty food stores (11%), among others.

If you are in one of these or other growing segments, effective marketing is key to gaining your share (or more!) of an expanding market. Of course, if your business is in a segment that is not seeing such strong growth, you’ll have to market that much smarter to retain the customers you have while seeking new ones.


Ways to Drive More traffic to your event and increase ROI Hot

A Guide to Promotions Before, During and After Your Event

Event marketing is made to order for small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits and other organizations with aggressive goals but limited sales resources. Participating in the right local, regional, national or international events allow you to present your sales story to many prospects in one place within a short period of time. Individual sales calling can’t match it for efficiency.

Events boost brand reputation and generate word-of-mouth referrals

  • 85% of event attendees felt positive about the sponsoring company after an event
  • Nearly half of participants purchased sponsoring products
  • 78% told friends and family about the event; 69% mentioned the sponsor
  • 93% said it’s “okay” for the sponsor to send them post-event direct mail and advertising

Source: Event Marketing Institute



The Aha Moment

As technology expands our available channels of communication, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics of customer growth and retention. It’s good to remember that, as much as things are changing, successful marketing still comes down to getting the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel. Getting there means stepping back from the day-to-day, discarding old assumptions and truly understanding your best customers.

This guide moves you toward your business “Aha Moment,” helping you better KNOW your customers, so you have a better idea of what message to use, where to use it and when.

Once you get there, you’ll learn five specific strategies to implement now to GROW your customers, adding value and driving more sales.



Connect with your customers online and offline.

A recent study has shown that only about half of marketers are integrating online and offline channels to communicate with their customers. By failing to develop a strategy that integrates multiple channels, marketers are often limiting their full potential to drive ROI. Often off-line channels drive consumers to the web. By tracking this, marketers can effectively measure the effectiveness of each channel.


No Silver Bullets! Hot

The Realist’s Guide to Successful Local Marketing

You don’t have to look beyond your smartphone, mailbox and surrounding neighborhood to see that your options to reach customers are changing and expanding at an accelerating pace. With so many channels dividing customer attention, there is no “Silver Bullet” that alone can ensure success. Rather than a single answer, successful local marketing today requires a combination of tools to target customers wherever they are, and help them find you wherever they look for the products or services you sell.

We’ve compiled No Silver Bullets! The Realist’s Guide to Successful Local Marketing to share the six key components you need to build a successful local marketing strategy. Together they take advantage of the channels today’s customers rely on and the latest technologies available to reach them. While each is powerful in its own right, choosing 36% of North American companies interact with customers in five or more channels. Source: Experian, The Digital Marketer, 2013 the optimum combination for your audience and sales process is the surest way to deliver your messages to the right people at the right time.



Best practices and case studies to secure more leads and more dollars

The digital explosion of the past several years has caused a significant shift in consumer behavior and dramatically altered the way buyers and donors decide how and where to spend their money.

With the wealth of materials available online via search engines and social networks, your prospects are searching for and learning about your product and service offerings, your organization’s reputation and history and even engaging with your customers before ever contacting your sales department or walking into your business.

This shift has created a more empowered buyer, less interested in the cold sales call and more apt to seek solutions and information on their own terms. Inbound lead activity (where a prospect finds you) now generates slightly more volume (52%) than traditional outbound lead building (where you actively seek prospects), meaning control is nearly evenly balanced.

It has also created a cross-channel reality where your customers and donors will engage with you in multiple ways, driving most direct marketers to use two-to-three channels to reach their campaign targets.

Studies show cross-channel marketing can improve response rates by as much as 35%. What’s more, cross-channel shoppers spend up to 10 times more and are 25-50% more profitable than those who rely on a single medium to make their buying decisions.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to segment your market to target leads more effectively. We’ll look at lead generation best practices and channels being used by B2B, B2C and nonprofit marketers. We’ll discuss specific channel strategies you can implement, illustrated by case studies of successful campaigns. Finally, we’ll talk about the importance of lead nurturing across channels to move your prospects forward in their decision to spend their time and money with you.



A business self-assessment guide to help you build awareness, create interest and drive growth

From your perspective as a marketer, your brand identifies your company or organization’s value and reputation. It defines your products or service categories and differentiates you from your competitors.

To a buyer, it represents an emotional attachment (or detachment) to the promises you’ve made to deliver on benefits like quality, service, price and satisfaction. Given that consumers are exposed to thousands of marketing messages each day across an ever-growing number of channels, brands must be able to distinguish themselves in the marketplace to even be noticed. A strong brand stimulates purchase, re-purchase and ultimately, long-term and profitable customer loyalty and advocacy.

In this whitepaper, we have gathered together all the most relevant questions you can ask yourself about how well you deliver your brand. Over time, it can be tempting to make compromises in how your brand is presented, only to weaken it and jeopardize recognition and preference. Top marketers don’t take chances with their branding, and neither should you.


Get listed! Hot

Claim your local listings and get noticed on the web.

The following places are considered the sources of referral traffic, and will help you obtain stronger visibility in local search results:


There are many other strong sources of referral traffic, but often involve complex setups or sometimes require a small fee. Make sure that if you are going to go to the trouble of listing on other search engines that you pay attention to the websites your demographic uses in your industry. For example if you run a bed and breakfast it may be worth your investment to be listed on, or if you own a restaurant it may help you to stand out if you post your menu on


The Definitive Web Marketing Guide Hot

Proven Strategies For Top Performing Websites

The amount of traffic on the Internet should no longer come as a surprise to marketers in companies of all sizes and across all industries. Recent research shows:

  • 97% of Internet users in the U.S. research shopping information on the Web.
  • 71% of Canadian consumers use the Internet to research products.

Yet, only 67% of U.S. small businesses have websites. And, an online presence is even more limited in Canada with only 36% of small businesses having a company website.

Simply having a website is only half of the battle. In this environment, if you build it ... they won’t necessarily come. It takes an integrated, holistic approach for an effective Web marketing program.

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