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Spreading Holiday Cheer Can Boost Your Business


The holidays are quickly approaching. You have made your list and checked it twice, but haven't you forgotten something? What are you doing for your customers this holiday season?

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to show current customers, inactive accounts and prospects just how much their business means to you. From greeting cards to customized gifts, sending holiday cheer is a sure way to improve your business relationships all year long. 

Don't Be A Scrooge!

Although the economy is uncertain and companies are looking to cut corners, it is important to show appreciation to your loyal customers, especially around the holidays. Despite the intrinsic value of giving, embracing the holiday spirit can have tangible benefits. According to an American Express Small Business survey, 78 percent of small businesses believe holiday gift giving has helped improve their business, and 56 percent say gift giving has led to increased sales. Showing you care about your customers with a small token of appreciation can, in some cases, be even more valuable than a full-scale marketing plan. When you look at it that way, holiday gift giving is well worth the investment. 

Personalized Holiday Cards & Invitations

Personalized Christmas Cards

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Holiday cards provide a simple, meaningful way to reinforce relationships, and can be created to fit any budget. The card's artwork and text give the recipient an instant impression of your style and values. Your print professional can help you design a card to portray your unique characteristics. In essence, holiday cards can be considered "friendly" direct mail pieces. They help keep your name top-of-mind and convey a specific message with a personalized touch. Reinforcing the connection you have with your customers is the goal of holiday cards, so make them personal. To truly make a card worth giving, it should include at least one personal signature. Ideally, it is a person who has had some interaction with the customer and can write a short note. Another way to add a special touch is to print a staff photo with everyone's digital signature on the card. This makes it personal, but not time-consuming.

Holiday invitations present similar opportunities for representing yourself or your organization in print. For example, invitations can convey a fun, elegant, or casual theme with the use of particular colors and graphics. Like holiday cards, they can incorporate your organization's logo when appropriate. Invitations help set the stage for the overall atmosphere of your holiday event. 

Custom Printed Annual Calendars

Calendars make versatile gifts for family members as well as business contacts. People of all ages use calendars, and when your name or company logo is discreetly included, viewers will have a year-long reminder of you and your services. The recipient of a calendar will be exposed to the message an average of three times each day, which adds up to 1,095 impressions throughout the year. Calendars can be as universal or as personal as you like. Many print professionals have calendar templates available for you to customize with your own artwork or personal photos. Calendars are also practical because they can be distributed for several weeks before and after the holiday season and still be considered timely. 

Customized Annual Calendar Printing Services

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Christmas Menus For Restaurants, Events, or as a unique promotional design

​Are you having a special gathering this holiday season, adding items to your restaurant menu, or attending a trade show or event? Or maybe your not in the food industry but want a unique menu themed design for your business' holiday promotions!

Whatever your business, Christmas Menus can help your promotion or event stand out by blending into the festive season!

Customize Any Gift with Labels or Tags

Any gift becomes more personal when customized with a label or tag. From floral arrangements to gift baskets, tastefully labeling or adding a hang tag with your name or logo, and perhaps a special message, helps distinguish your gift from others. For example, one company ordered customized, adhesive labels for the backs of champagne bottles in commemoration of their 25th anniversary. The labels featured a thank you message to staff and clients, adding personal value to the gift. 

More About Labels & Decals

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Holiday Stationery & Memo Pads

As with calendars, memo pads and stationery are functional gifts that can be used throughout the year. Personalizing the items with the recipient's name, initials or other individual expression enhances the value of this token of appreciation. Incorporating a customer's personal hobby or interest into the design makes the note pads or stationery unique and shows that you have put time and thought into the gift. For example, golf enthusiasts would appreciate personalized note pads with colorful golf graphics. Many printing companies have extensive graphics libraries and expert designers to create artwork for note pads or other printed gifts. 

Holiday Promotional Products & Gifts

Because promotional products are often useful or decorative and may be imprinted with a logo or personal message, they make perfect holiday gifts. With over 400,000 advertising specialty items, it is simple to select a promotional product that bears a natural relationship to your profession or communications theme. Some of the most popular items are desk and office accessories and edible products, such as candy, cookies and nuts – all of which can be custom packaged. Customized holiday cards and gifts add a distinctive touch that will be noticed. While acknowledgement is especially important during the holidays, do not let it be a once a year trend. Be bold and surprise your customers with a small gift on a date that is important to your company or theirs, such as an anniversary, or any other day of the year. Random acts of kindness can be done at anytime to show your customers how much you appreciate their continued loyalty. Contact your print professional for advice on how to spread holiday cheer throughout the year with a personalized, memorable gift.

Branded Promotional Products

​We have a wide selection of promotional products to add your company logo and holiday message.
Personalized Company Christmas Cards
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