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Is it time to upgrade your website for mobile traffic?

Is it time to upgrade your website for mobile traffic?

You may have already been approached by a website development or marketing company, urging you to upgrade your website for mobile traffic. With so many marketing options and expenses, it might be difficult to decide which ones are highest priority today. If you’re like most small to medium size businesses, marketing budgets are tight, and we tend to spend only what is necessary to keep up with our direct competition. While there are loads of articles on the internet with statistics showing the general growth of mobile internet usage, how do you know if it is relevant for your business?

"Our typical clients aren’t sophisticated enough to search for us on their phones or tablets. And we just spent a lot for a our website redesign not even two years ago."

-‘The Company’ before their mobile redesign

Here Are 3 Reasons To Prioritize Mobile Website Redesign

Test your website. Check out Google’s Mobile Tester Tool: www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly

  1. Searchability. Most people don’t realize that Google’s mobile search results are different than their desktop counterparts. While your search engine rankings could be good for one, if your website is not mobile friendly, your rankings are likely nearly non-existent for mobile search queries. As mobile search traffic is approaching 50% of all search traffic, can you afford to lose half your potential market before they even reach your website? Or put another way, how much would you profit from potentially doubling your search traffic over the next couple of years?
    Case Study: Using Google Analytics, The Company saw that their mobile traffic was less than 5%, and nearly all from paid advertising and social media. They concluded that the percentage of mobile visitors did not justify the expense of a mobile website redesign, so they waited a year to invest in their mobile redesign. As it turned out, the reason their mobile traffic was so low was that they were not placing on mobile searches. Within 3 months after their mobile redesign, they saw their mobile search traffic increase to over 15%, with over 80% of those being new visitors.
  2. Engagement. In Google Analytics, some of the measurements of visitor engagement with your website include the bounce rate (how many leave after viewing only 1 page) the number of pages (greater than 1) that they visit, how long they spend on your website, whether or not they return, and how frequently they return. Mobile visitors aren’t impatient by nature, but they are impatient with a website which doesn’t present well on mobile screens. If your visitor engagement statistics are much lower for your mobile visitors than your desktop visitors, you are losing valuable potential leads who have already done the work to find you.
    Case Study: The Company’s mobile engagement statistics were averaging about 30% for mobile traffic with their not so mobile friendly design. Within 3 months after their mobile redesign, they actually saw their mobile visitors more engaged than their desktop visitors.
  3. Competition. Keeping up or ahead of your competition is certainly a local necessity. Have you actually surfed your competitions’ websites recently? Have you looked at them on your mobile phone? How do they compare with your own? If your competition is getting any significant lead time on their mobile search rankings, they will be that much harder to catch later. Even worse, consumers tend to browse multiple websites before making their purchasing decisions. So if they leave your website because it is not mobile friendly and find that your competitor’s is, you could very likely lose a potential client for good. It is much easier to convert leads who are looking to make a decision than ones who have already built a relationship with your competitor.


Mobile redesign cost will vary from website to website, depending on how much needs to be redesigned, the existing design elements which need to be converted, and, to some degree, how much content is on the website. Prior to responsive design standards, the average a small to medium sized business will spend for a website design is around $4500 every 2-5 years. Typically, a mobile conversion will cost half of a full website redesign. Waiting until you redesign the website isn’t necessarily going to save you money. Partly because of responsive design standards, and the extra time it takes to check and recheck on multiple screen resolutions and devices, website design costs are going up.

Return on Investment

Admittedly, it is still quite difficult to gage the expected ROI from a mobile redesign, as it is from web based or traditional marketing in general. Part of it depends on how much traffic you presently generate from your website, how well it presently generates leads, and what those leads are worth to your business profit and growth. If your website is already being tracked by Google Analytics, we can answer questions about how many visitors you are presently getting, how many of those visitors are mobile, how well your website is engaging mobile traffic compared with desktop traffic, and how much potential opportunity you have for growth. Even if your website is not being tracked with Google Analytics, we can help assess how mobile friendly your website is and how well it is placing on mobile searches.

Important Google Update

Google has now officially announced that they will be including their mobile friendly test as part of their search rankings.

As of April 21, 2015, any website page which fails Google's mobile friendly test will drop significantly in rankings.

Be sure to have your website tested and fixed before Google launches their search engine update on April 21st!

Article written by Quinn Rusnell
Web Developer, IT, SEO

Allegra’s Free Website Mobility Audit

We will provide a free mobility check of your website, an overview of your Google Analytics mobility reports, an estimate of mobile search positions for your website, a proposal for minimal mobile updates where deemed necessary, and an estimation of potential results.

For a quick assessment of your website's mobility, see if you can pass Google’s Mobile Tester Tool!

Our Other Web Services Include:

●      Full website design and development for CMS environments (like Wordpress)

●      Google Certified Analytics reporting and analysis

●      Search Engine Optimization audits

●      Google Adwords search engine marketing

●      Monthly maintenance and security plans

Call us for further information.

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