Digital marketing is a process of planning, implementaion, measuring, reporting and analyzing the results of your marketing efforts with digital technology. Digital marketing methods can be applied to traditional (offline) and new (online) media.

Digital marketing is the only method by which you can measure results based marketing strategies and goals.

Our digital marketing services include:

A Digital Marketing Plan

Through consultation and digital marketing fundamentals, we help create a clear digital marketing plan for your organization based on your primary business objective, fundamental marketing strategy priorities, specific website and advertising goals, and your available IT infrastructure. We define measurable and reportable Key Performance Indicators to gage the success of your digital marketing plan.

Advanced Analytics

Get advanced implementation of measurement technologies from Allegra's Certified Google Analytics expert. Integrate tracking for all of your print and web marketing campaigns with Allegra. Get advanced reporting, analysis and professional insights monthly for all the areas most related to your digital marketing objectives.

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Comprehensive SEO & SEM

Monthly Search Engine Optimization implementation and reporting covering all your digital marketing media and campaigns, including your website, online advertising, social and mobile media. Our SEO implementation includes website speed optimization and security, web page placement and position monitoring, server-side webmaster tools, and content updates based on actual queries for your keywords.

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One Stop Marketing

Get valuable information about the important marketing trends which affect your business outcome and profitability. Make Allegra your first stop for all your results based digital and print marketing!

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Google Analytics Insights

Many people talk about results based or results orientated marketing. They often have the attitude that they are the expert and will tell you what you need to do to best market your business. They may even have general industry statistics and trends to back up their claims. But your business is as unique as the individuals in the area you sell to. Unless we can provide statistics specific to your marketing investments, how do you really know which ones are yielding the best results?

Fortunately, we already have all the tools we need to get started with a truly results based marketing method! With the combination of internet technologies, cloud computing, and Google's new Universal Analytics, any electronic device or software application capable of connecting to the internet can be used to collect measurement data to be processed by Google's Universal Analytics, providing you with valuable marketing insights. We'll show you how to integrate your technology with your marketing goals to reach your primary business objective.


When most people think of Analytics, they think of Google, SEO, and check the number of site visitors and page views each month. Unfortunately, most web designers and web development companies have the same view. So when they set up your website analytics, they think it's enough just to put in the default page tracking code. Allegra cares about understanding how your website and digital marketing is performing in the real world.

According to world famous Google Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik, and officially adopted by Google in their training courses, "Digital Analytics" is:

(a) the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition,
(b) to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers have,
(c) which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline).1

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