Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) improves the visibility of your website across search engines. SEO helps people looking for your product or service find you. SEO is the most cost effective marketing method for your business or organization website.

Search engines use complex algorithms weighing many aspects of a web page to determine its position. Allegra marketing's researchers stay up to date with the ever evolving SEO best practices and requirements. Allegra's web development team can give you the best search engine friendly start to your new website.

For a limited time, Allegra Surrey is offering free SEO and Google Analytics setup, along with a Basic 3rd Month Analytics Report, with every new website development!

Whether you are starting a new website or want to get better search results for your current website, contact Allegra today to see how we can help improve your SEO.

To measure and improve your website's SEO, we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics can be time consuming and difficult to read without years of experience and knowledge of industry standards. Allegra Surrey Marketing has extensive experience understanding Analytics, and using it to recommend and measure SEO improvements. Allegra's Analytics reports are concise summaries of the salient website data, and include our top recommendations for improvement. Allegra's Analytics reports can give you fresh insights into how visitors use your website, how they arrived on your website, how your website might gain new traffic sources, and how you can keep them coming back.

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There really is not much to improve on, as your help and friendly service is out of this world. I really mean it!